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Oil Analysis

At Efftek, we want to save you money. Most CM companies collect oil samples and send them away for expensive full spectral analysis. Typically 90-95% samples collected are healthy and do not warrant this level of service. We prefer to 'weed' out the good samples and ONLY send them away for further analysis if neccesary.

In addition to giving you an insight into how your machinery is performing, by spotting machine wear long before it becomes a costly repair, it also enables you to extend the oil change intervals by basing them on oil condition rather than manufacturers recommendations.

Basic OilCheck

The OilCheck service uses a portable instrument which measures the changes in dielectric constant of an oil. By comparing the measurements obtained from used and unused oils of the same type and brand, the oil check monitor is able to determine the degree of change in the condition of the oil. Dielectric change is directly related to the degradation and the contamination level of the oil allowing an assessment of the mechanical wear and loss of the oilís lubricating properties.

Samples are collected, recorded and analysed on a regular basis. If the trend has been a gradual one up to reaching the alarm level, then it would be assumed that the oil has reached the end of its useful life and it would be recommended that the oil should be changed and re-sampled after a period. If however, the trend has suddenly become much steeper, then this is an indication of something other than normal oil degradation and a sample would be sent away for further analysis.

Full Spectral Oil Analysis

This is carried out in a Lab by boffins in white coats. A gas chromatograph is a chemical analysis instrument for separating chemicals in a complex sample. This method identifies and very accurately quantifies wear metals and contaminants in the oil sample.

Wear metals such as iron, copper and aluminium as well as contaminants such as sodium and boron can be measured in parts per million (ppm). The results are analysed by metallurgists who will make a recommendation as to what remedial action should be taken.

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